Our chickens arrive as one-day-old chicks from a hatchery in Pennsylvania. They spend two weeks in a heated brooder, after which they are moved out to pasture. They live in a mobile pen that is moved daily to a new patch of grass, grit, and grubs. They add considerable fertility to our soil and are a crucial link in our field rotation. At the end of eight weeks, they are harvested on-farm by us under a state law which allows small-scale producers to process their own birds legally.

Our birds, like our veggies, are certified organic by MOFGA. This third-party verification guarantees a healthy living environment and a diet of exclusively certified organic grain and pasture. The price of organic grain reflects the labor required to grow it, and partially accounts for the price difference between our chickens and ones raised on conventional feed.

For your first Nettie Fox Farm chicken, we would encourage minimal preparation (pinch of salt, pinch of pepper, 90-100 minutes at 375º, uncovered last 15 minutes) in order to fully appreciate the value of a well-raised bird. We hope you appreciate the inclusion of heart, liver, and neck, and the distinct yellow hue of the fat, caused by beta carotene from a grass-based diet.

Our chickens are available for purchase fresh on select dates throughout the summer, and frozen on-farm by prior arrangement.

Contact us for current pricing and availability.